H Lowe & Co

Traditional family business catering for all your house and garden needs. Marriages animal feeds, HG products, Dylon dyes, solid fuel, hardware & gardening supplies and much more! Efficient local delivery service.

01371 830316

Falconry Proofing and Cleaning Pest Control

Daisy Dogs at Manor Nursery

All of our dog training employs modern techniques based on positive reinforcement. - Our emphasis of 'minimum force' training results in a calmer, happier and more co-operative animal.

EquePet - Equestrian & Pet Supplies

Everything for the Equestrian including equipment, riding wear, riding hats, stable & yard tools, bedding, feed & supplements. Pets & Livestock stocking a wide range of pet foods, working dog foods, poultry, smallholder, wild bird feeds & accessories. And much more, all at competitive prices!

01799 586571
Gould's Petshop

we sell pets and pet accessories.


01799 526861

Taylored care and styling for your dog by fully insured, City & Guilds level 3 stylist. Special welcome rate and 2 dogs discount; loyalty rewards for returning customers. Stress-free environment and all-natural products used.

01799 526861
07866 034913
Helping Hands - Saffron Walden

When you are away we can stay in your home and look after everything! We will feed, care for and exercise your animals, look after your garden and provide home security. We are experienced in dog, cat, fish and horse care.

Hempstead Hounds

Welcome to Hempstead Hounds - a small, friendly dog grooming salon based in the village of Hempstead, 6 miles from Saffron Walden.

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