Great Saling
St James Church

The church of St James Great Saling sits in a quintessentially English setting, lying to your left as you walk up past the village pond to Saling Hall. While heavily restored in Victorian times, it possesses clear evidence of its Anglo-Saxon foundations in the stonework at the base of the clock tower.

Baptist Church

Thaxted Baptist Church aims to bring the saving message of the Gospel to further God's Kingdom to the historic town of Thaxted and beyond. We join together in a relaxed and largely informal way providing a safe place for worship with a warm and family-friendly atmosphere.

Parish Church

Thaxted Church is one of the grandest in the county and so beautiful that it may well claim to be the Cathedral of Essex! Our tradition of Catholic faith and Christian Socialism is maintained in this wonderful building, which is not only used for services but also for the greater benefit of the community.