British Aid
For Deprived Children

BADC is an Essex-based children's charity which, since its founding in 1990, has made 118 humanitarian visits to Eastern Europe and India. Our convoys have covered over 400,000 miles and delivered over 813 tonnes of equipment, clothing and medical aid and supplies.

In 1992, BADC, in collaboration with British Humanitarian Aid, took a 105 vehicle convoy to Croatia which stretched for an astonishing 4.5 kilometres, and is in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ever humanitarian convoy.

It all began with a small article in an Essex church magazine about the plight of Romanian orphans - and a quiet couple from Little Sampford, George and Marion Mills.

They read the article and were so moved by the explicit descriptions of the orphanages and these sad children they decided that they must do something themselves - this began a long and extraordinary story. They borrowed a huge 7 ton truck, filled it with as much supplies, toys and clothes that Essex people could donate - and drove the 1,249 arduous miles to an orphanage at Gaesti in Romania.

As the years passed their trips became more regular, the trucks became larger, the supplies became more complex and their destinations more varied. They were even captured by Serbian soldiers during the Yugoslavian conflict when taking much needed aid to Croatian refugees.


In January 1995, George & Marion were contacted by a Ukrainian woman living in the UK who told them the story of Chernigiv, situated just 68kms from Chernobyl and badly affected by the 1986 disaster. Within days they were on a plane for a meeting with the local doctors at their tiny rehabilitation centre.

Shocked by this latest encounter, George & Marion returned to England and set about acquiring the items on the Chernigiv shopping list. Soon, while still finding time to deliver vital supplies to Romania and Croatia, they were on another difficult journey through Poland to the Ukraine with a fully-laden truck load of desperately needed supplies.

This began a long relationship of trust and regular deliveries to Chernigiv which helped change, and in many cases save, the lives of countless young victims of the Chernobyl disaster - and the eventual building of The Revival Centre.

Each year, the generosity of our many friends and supporters never fails to amaze us but in these difficult economic times we desperately need to widen our circle of support so we can continue to provide vital assistance.

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