Talliston House
And Gardens

Behind an arched oak door, set in a thicket hedge in Great Dunmow, lies Talliston House & Gardens. With a name that means ‘the hidden place’, this once ordinary house hides 13 rooms, each set in a different time and place.

25 years in the making, the project has taken a 3-bedroomed, semi-detached, ex-council house in Essex and transformed it into a wonderland of inspirational locations including a Cambodian treehouse and medieval tower. Now we invite you to explore this unique interior design project, art installation and venue for hire.

Though Talliston is a state of geography, it is also a state of mind; a place of imagination and delight that is as challenging as it is inspiring. Using traditional techniques and authentic items sourced from around the globe, we have created something from nothing, or perhaps more accurately, something incredible from nothing special. It is Talliston’s outward normality that is its magic; it is truly somewhere extraordinary within the ordinary.

Entering Talliston, like entering a wood, alters your sense of time. Instantly you are transported to other lands, in other ages. By walking the labyrinth of the house, you find yourself leaving the present, and entering the past. And then – by moving from room to room – you leave the past and enter the future. Step from the Moorish bedchamber into a 1920s study, from a New Orleans kitchen into our Victorian retreat – all just by opening the house’s many doors and seeing what lies behind them.

With an ever-evolving calendar of events, including fine dining at our regular supperclub, unplugged gigs or open days, there are many ways to discover Talliston. And if story-telling is your thing, why not join the Talliston Writers’ Circle headed by award-winning author John Trevillian?

Whatever your interest, be sure to visit our website to check up on our groups, meetings and events and join the Friends of Talliston on Facebook to keep up with the latest developments.