Forgotten Gardens
Of Easton Lodge

Easton Lodge Gardens: an idyllic listed haven and the subject of an on-going restoration by a dedicated team of volunteers and the owners of the adjoining Warwick House.

The gardens, grounds and whole estate of Easton Lodge date back to Tudor times, but perhaps the golden era was during the "Daisy" years. Frances "Daisy" Maynard inherited the estate of Easton Lodge in 1865 (when was just three years old) and grew up to be a noted beauty of considerable wealth and, as the Countess of Warwick, an iconic socialite, who still lends her name to the annual show held nearby.

Between the late 1930's and early 1970's, the gardens fell into decline during the tenure of Daisy's son Maynard Greville. It was not until the Creasy family bought the West Wing in 1971 that interest returned and a long, gradual restoration was embarked upon.  In 2003, The Gardens of Easton Lodge Preservation Trust was formed and in 2004 it became a registered charity.

We have several open days throughout the season, with a diverse range of added attractions including a World War II day, live music and an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids! Entry is just £3.50 for adults with children free, which represents fantastic value for money.

Continuing in 2014 are organised group visits, ideal for clubs, enthusiasts or just a group of friends looking for a novel day out. The entrance fee includes a fascinating tour by one of the our experienced guides, along with access to historical records and tea/coffee and homemade cakes.

All this year's open days are listed in the Trumpet Events Calendar but do make sure you visit the Forgotten Gardens of Easton Lodge website for all you need to know about this fantastic local attraction.We are always looking for new garden volunteers and Open Day helpers – click here to see how you can join in!