Kyangala Trust
Community Spirit Abroad

With a population of around 15,000, the rural community of Kyangala in Kenya is entirely dependent on subsistence farming as a source of income. The frequent failure of the seasonal rains has resulted in severe famine and food emergencies.

In addition to severe poverty, the area suffers from a lack of sufficient water resources for domestic and irrigation use, a lack of adequate educational facilities especially for the 11+ age group, and a lack of basic and adequate medical care and provision at a time when HIV/AIDS is a growing concern.

The Kyangala Trust has been formed with the aim of working with partners to help the community overcome some of these challenges. Its creator, Benedict Mwendwa, comes originally from Kyangala but

now lives and works in the UK and devotes much of his spare time, along with the other trustees, friends and supporters, to the work of the charity.

Our ongoing projects within the community are concerned with improving the water supplies and health/education provision. Please visit our website for more details on how the Trust is helping develop this essential infrastructure.

We organise various fundraising events throughout the year and our fundraising team is always busy planning new and exciting ways to get local people involved. Make sure you keep your eye on the Trumpet Events Calendar for the latest!