Centre Manager Wanted
For Thaxted Charity Facility

A centre that provides a unique service for the disabled in Uttlesford could close unless a new manager is found by the end of the year.

Audrey Carmichael, who has run the Thaxted Centre for the Disabled in Dunmow Road for more than 20 years - and who was awarded the MBE for her work - is retiring from her voluntary role at the end of the year.

Despite giving a year’s notice of her intention to retire, no-one has been found to take over from her, leaving the centre in a precarious position.

The centre opens twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays between 9.30am and 2.30pm, delivering care and support to physically disabled local people in a secure and enjoyable environment. These twice-weekly handicraft activity sessions are supported by a pool of 10 volunteers.

Among the duties the manager will be expected to organise are the twice-weekly sessions, including refreshments, transport for disabled members to and from the centre for these sessions using Uttlesford Community Transport, outings and social events for the members and the letting of the centre to other voluntary groups.

Mrs Carmichael said: ‘The centre has been a great success, immeasurable by normal standards, in releasing and using skills and energy which otherwise could easily turn to depression and loneliness.’

‘We desperately need someone to manage the centre going forward, and I would hope to have a period of time to work alongside him or her to ensure a seamless transfer.’

To find out more about the Thaxted Centre for the Disabled, please visit the-trumpet.co.uk/thaxted-disabled-centre; to enquire about the Centre Manager position, please ring Mrs Carmichael on 01371 830752.


*Crafts and socialising at Thaxted Centre for the Disabled.