Have Your Say
On Proposed Local Development

On 19 June Uttlesford District Council voted to move forward with a plan for three new towns in the region - Stebbing, Chesterford and Little Easton. This ‘Regulation 19’ stage is the last chance for residents to have their say on the proposed developments and 13 August is the deadline to voice your opinions!

Residents of Little Easton are already mobilising against the plan for their village which will see 10,000 houses built to create a new town, resulting in the loss of Easton Park and its 700-year history. An action group, Stop Easton Park, has been set up to to challenge the plan and hammer home the message of sustainable development to the local authorities.

Great Dunmow is already due to double in size by 2033 from 3,800 to 7,000 (an increase of 185%). Adding the proposed 10,000 houses would lead to an increase in size of 450% which, combined with the 35,000 homes being proposed in areas around Braintree and Harlow, will result in massive change which residents feel will destroy the rural lifestyle that attracts many people to live in the area.

It is estimated the development will bring an additional 15,000 cars to local roads and the nearby A120 and M11, routes that already struggle with existing traffic volume on a regular basis.

SEP also raises the point of jobs. With few opportunities for local employment, and even the main hub of Stansted Airport only having so many jobs to offer, most new residents will have no option but to commute, increasing the likelihood of local towns and villages becoming mere ‘dormitories’ in the near future.

The current message from SEP is clear - whatever your opinion on the proposed developments, this is your last chance to have your say! Your opinions matter and are counted so make you voice heard by  writing to planningpolicy@uttlesford.co.uk by the closing date of 13/8/18.

If you want to object to the Easton Park development specifically, join in the fight at www.stopeastonpark.co.uk.